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Monday, September 2, 2013

Are you looking for Wodonga Dentist?

wodonga dentist
If you are looking for wodonga dentist, then this is where you are looking for. With over 20 years of running dental clinic with a team of over 10 extraordinary experienced dentists, we are more than confident to assure that we are number one dental clinic in wodonga.

Keeping our clients satisfaction has long to be our top notch promise. It has been way too common seeing our clients coming back to give us their deepest thanks.

In the past years, we have not received a complaint from any single clients. It is just because keeping our clients earns and keeps their beautiful smile as well as shining teeth are our biggest pride.

Wonder what we specialize in?

With over 20 years of experience, we are one of the most up to date dental clinics with our own researching team. Moreover, each month we update new technology as well as information around the world. That is why our equipments are always fresh, safe and able to provide consistent result.
Unlike other clinics, we provide both general as well as special dental clinic, we mainly provide the following services.

General dentistry services: 

1. Oral examination: a mouth is like a gateway to the inner of your body, it is important to examine what is happening in oral area. We will do an in-depth examination by using our using x-rays to take pictures of your teeth, afterward an intense examination will be taken and a professional consults will be provided.

2. Dental cleaning: it is important to implement daily cleaning, it will greatly enhance the freshness, health and defect plague in oral area.

3. Restore: this is where we take care of cavities; we use porcelain, resin material and metal to restore your injured or lost tooth.

Special dentistry:

1. Extraction: it is necessary to remove tooth decays or any required removable tooth.

2. Treatment of infected, injured and unhealthy teeth: this is where we treat your any injuries or disease of oral.

3. Orthodontic: do you ever dream of having a beautiful set of teeth? If yes, this is exactly where you need. Even though both involve with creating artificial teeth, unlike prosthodontics, orthodontic main purpose is to correct your smile and repair your jaws using dental braces as well as other similar features.

4. Prosthodontics: here is where we have created you a beautiful smile; we are specialized in bridges, dentures and implants. In general, we are expert in any fields related to cosmetic dentistry.

5. Child dental cares: as its name implies, we are also an expert in dealing with young children teeth. it is important to take your of you children teeth in early age, the reason is because when they aged, it is a lot harder to cure oral or teeth diseases, rather than solving, preventing is highly recommended.

If you are still looking for  wodonga dentist after finish reading this article, please feel free to contact us via this email-